Sunday, July 31, 2011

What I Made on my Summer Vacation

I've been on a sewing kick lately, mainly stuff for me and my niece. I've been trying some simple reconstruction projects with fabric, and clothing I have instead of buying new supplies. This is my first project a simple tank dress. For the skirt I used an Asian print I bought a few years ago. I had no idea what I was going to do with it when I bought it, and it was just enough for the skirt. I knew I would make good use of it sometime.

I'm not 100% happy with it, the skirt is a bit short and poufy, the tank's a bit too long, and the straps need to be shortened. I enjoyed the process. New projects are like pancakes, the first one always comes out a little odd, but the ones following it get better, and better

Project 2:

So, I had a pair of linen pants I bought last summer, and like a dope I stuck them in the dryer. They still fit, but were way too short in the legs (I'm 5'9" so I need all the length I can get). Angry with myself for doing something so dumb to a new pair of pants, I stuffed them into the back of my closet, and left them there. Well, a few days ago wanting to do something different, I pulled them out, and thought "I can make a skirt out of these pants" and I did!

I had this funky droop in the back that no matter what I did I could not make decent looking, so I added some ruffles and a bit of a dart in the back. It looks adorable on, and is just the right length. I am really pleased with it.

My last project was one I did this afternoon. I saw this pattern at my local Joann's and figured instead of buying the pattern I could figure it out for myself. The hardest part was gauging the size since my niece lives 30 miles away! I intended it to be a dress, but she's tall for a one year old, I think it might end up being a top. My sister loves it, and I can't wait to have my niece try it on! Top picture is the front, bottom is the back. Tomorrow I might make a few more just for fun.

So, this is what I have been working on lately. I have one more week of vacation before I have to go back to work. It's been am awesome vacation. I've done loads of projects, a few household projects completed, and.... oh yeah lots, and lots of relaxing. I'm ready to go back to work I'm beginning to miss my daily routine.

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